Julia & Mark

San Francisco

Gaby & Ryan

San Francisco

Ashley & Jon

San Francisco

Lizzie & Keith

Lake Tahoe

I can't say enough amazing things about Catherine Hall. First of all, her photos are phenomenal. What I love about Catherine is that she captures the essence of the moment -- the emotions, the expressions, the snapshots in time that make up the magic of a memory. She has an artistic eye that captures the beauty of the scene, an talent for making everyone look beautiful in photos, and an ability to capture heart of the moment. Her time management of the day is impeccable; we were never rushed and yet, always on time. And perhaps most importantly, we felt connected to Catherine. She listens closely, really understands your vision, and does everything in her power to bring that to life. She is a consummate professional while also being funny, sweet and just a wonderful person to be around. I feel lucky to think of Catherine as a friend as well as the best photographer I know. I cannot imagine what my wedding would have been like without her.

Rebecca & Thom

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