My mother is my muse. A California transplant from North Carolina, she effortlessly balances southern grace with a relaxed, west-coast elegance. Since childhood, I have admired her ability to discern what is most important to other people and put them completely at ease.

It is from my mother’s example that I learned my most valuable skill as a photographer: forming genuine connections. While technique and artistic judgment are important, it is through the cultivation of trusting relationships that my art truly excels.

Nurturing people ‘s faith in me free them to let down their guard in front of my camera, making it possible to capture more authentic aspects of their personalities. This trust allows me to create portraits that reveal both the inherent beauty of my subjects and the complexity of their characters and relationships.

By making a true connection, I am able to produce timeless, honest images. I can anticipate subtle moments and delicate interactions that might otherwise go unnoticed and document life- altering images that no one will forget.

Photography is my joy and I am honored to share my passion.