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Catherine was such an amazing part of our entire wedding experience. Not only did we end up with the most amazing photos of our wedding day, we also ended up with a great friend in Catherine! Catherine is a true professional yet she is completely down to earth. Her and her team understand every aspect of wedding planning and they know exactly how to manage the chaos of the wedding day and translate the day into the most spectacular photos. Our investment in Catherine was well worth it. We are so grateful for Catherine for being a part of our wedding day and leaving us with the most breathtaking photos to cherish with our friends and family!

I can’t say enough amazing things about Catherine Hall. First of all, her photos are phenomenal. What I love about Catherine is that she captures the essence of the moment — the emotions, the expressions, the snapshots in time that make up the magic of a memory. She has an artistic eye that captures the beauty of the scene, an talent for making everyone look beautiful in photos, and an ability to capture heart of the moment. Her time management of the day is impeccable; we were never rushed and yet, always on time. And perhaps most importantly, we felt connected to Catherine. She listens closely, really understands your vision, and does everything in her power to bring that to life. She is a consummate professional while also being funny, sweet and just a wonderful person to be around. I feel lucky to think of Catherine as a friend as well as the best photographer I know. I cannot imagine what my wedding would have been like without her.

My husband and I couldn’t be more pleased with Catherine and the job her team did over the course of our three day wedding. Catherine is very honest and open with regards on what to expect during the process and how she will approach photographing your special day. She has a great eye and we love our photos.

Catherine’s images evoke edginess, fun and editorial. Her images will always look timeless.

The best decision we made in planning our wedding was hiring Catherine Hall Studios.  Every picture from our wedding day is more stunning than the next.  No doubt about it, Catherine is an artist.  Catherine executes every step of the wedding photography process with meticulous detail and an unwavering work ethic.  Plus, she is an awesome person and a great friend.  I was so tired from my rehearsal dinner, Catherine had to coax me out of bed on my wedding day!!!  But, I think what sets Catherine apart, is the work she does long after your wedding day is over.  She is a highly skilled photo editor and she ensures that every single image is absolute Vogue magazine perfection.  I cannot recommend Catherine Hall Studios more.

My husband and I had the pleasure of getting to know Catherine Hall when she thankfully agreed to join us as our photographer for our wedding in Anguilla this past December. My personal feeling was that the most important decision in planning your wedding is choosing the right person that will capture the moments that you want to remember for a lifetime, but that happen so quickly it feels like it is over in an instant. We wanted more photojournalistic/artistic style, and all of the research we did kept bringing us back to Catherine. When I finally reached out to her, during our first phone call we immediately connected. I felt like she understood exactly what I was looking for and my vision seemed to vibe completely with her personal style.  She is funny, personable, sweet, a good listener and extremely accommodating. Her calm and gentle demeanor makes you feel at ease. She is so easy to work with and is truly an artist. By the time the weekend was over, all of our guests were saying how cool she was and it felt like she blended with our crowd and was a friend. She completely captured the mood and the emotion of the evening. I still watch my slideshow all the time and am taken right back to that day. Don’t think twice, just hire her. And the BEST piece of advice I could give you, when she gives you a timeline, she knows what she is talking about so listen to her! My pictures are phenomenal and I feel honored to now call Catherine a friend.

Catherine is one of the few people we know that is truly passionate about her work. She is a master at combining the artistry of photography with the raw emotion of a wedding day. We knew the image quality and composition were going to be fantastic, but we were surprised by how many images brought tears to our eyes. Catherine worked tirelessly for our engagement and wedding sessions. Whether it was weathering a freak storm for our engagement session or jumping from rock to rock on our wedding day, Catherine did it all with ease. Not only did Catherine handle challenges gracefully, but we quickly developed a deep rapport. We were quickly wishing she was in front of the camera rather than behind it. My only wish is that we lived in the same city so I could see her all the time! In my view, we have a photographer and friend for life.

Elisa Heslop

Catherine Hall photography has the most excellent services ever. Her photo is amazing beautiful and fabulous. She knows really well about our vision, and of course she has great taste, Catherine make our engagement photo absolutely GORGEOUS, we love it so much.She is the most talent photographer. As for weddings, Catherine Hall and her team photographed us, we would never forget how beautiful it is, we couldn’t say thanks to you enough.

Catherine’s images speak for themselves, and I knew she was an amazing photographer, but when I first met Catherine, we instantly clicked, and because of her energy I knew I had to have her as my photographer. Catherine is not just a good photographer, she is an incredible photographer and her ability to capture the beauty of a candid moment is unparalleled. Catherine is so wonderful to work with—she has this amazing personality. She can connect with anyone and put them at ease to capture their emotions and make them open up to the camera. I don’t think my parents have ever smiled in a picture in my life, and they are probably two of the toughest customers to please, but in the pictures Catherine took, they are both grinning from ear to ear, and they both cannot stop raving about how amazing my photographs are and how lucky I am that Catherine decided to work with us. She is professional and diligent but also so warm and fun to be around. When I look at my wedding album, I feel so lucky to have found Catherine because she helped me tell the story of my wedding through these perfectly captured images that I can return to for the rest of my life. To me, Catherine is a photographer, an artist, and now a friend and I feel truly blessed that I found her.

Catherine provided a very professional, pleasant and personalized experience during our engagement and wedding.  While she flawlessly captured these important moments, what really makes her stand out is the ability to depict the tenderness, passion and energy of us and our loved ones.  When it came to designing our wedding album, Catherine tirelessly worked with us to establish shared vision and craft a cohesive narrative, providing helpful suggestions that demonstrated a clear pride of ownership.  All of our family and friends still marvel at the quality of the end product!  Since our wedding, we continue to stay in touch with Catherine, and the friendship we’ve established means a lot to us!

Looking back at what we consider an almost perfect wedding, there are still plenty of things we sometimes wonder if we would have done differently.  Using Catherine is not one of them.

From the moment we met her, Catherine made us feel like we had known her for years.  She has a natural ability to make everyone feel completely comfortable with her and this comes across in her photos.  No stiff, forced poses; just natural raw emotions and reactions.  She is able to naturally direct people if needed or just blend into the background where no one notices her.   In addition to her immense talent, she is a joy to be around.   Every guest absolutely loved her.

It was clear from the beginning that Catherine is a true professional.  She understood all the details, the lighting, the composition, color grading, the angles, how to interact with people and everything else that would go unnoticed by most people.  There’s a reason why you cannot give the same equipment to someone and expect the same results.  Anyone can take relatively decent pictures but only a small minority would produce art.  Catherine produces art.  

Photos are one of the few tangible items you can take away from any event.  Because of this, it is absolutely worth it to use Catherine.  If we wanted to document any other event in the future, Catherine would be the only person we would use.

Catherine was adorable, calming, and helped everyone relax and get into the moment of magic! What a magnificent presence she has. I thank her for being so wonderful with Molly, my daughter. It was instantly apparent why Molly chose Catherine over any other photographer out there. I think after meeting Catherine, it’s a "no contest" situation! I look forward to seeing all the pictures and once again sharing in the magic of the evening.

Catherine is a unique person who radiates a love of people, as demonstrated through her dedication to her art. The bride and groom kissed *her on there walk from the alter–who *is this amazing woman?!

I showed Catherine’s pictures to some bookers at Elle Magazine, and they love her photos of Blair and me so much that they booked me for their special April editorial. I really loved working with her, and would definitely love to shoot with her again!

We really love that Catherine played such an integral role in our wedding. She became a fast friend and consequently stayed right in the moment with us the whole night. We missed her when she left at the end of the night! Her images are not only artful, but they also capture the feeling of the night. As an overwhelmed bride, it was wonderful to have total confidence that our wedding would be captured poignantly and in its entirety. It has been such a fun surprise to see beautiful photos of small, spontaneous moments that I didn’t even know were happening. I’ve watched her image narration piece about 50 times already and still cry. It’s stunning and our family will treasure it for generations to come. Dave and I thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

Catherine was great to work with. She took time to get to know us, so when the wedding day came she was easy to work with. After seeing her work we knew the pictures would be good, but they were even better than we expected–these pictures could have been in a couture fashion magazine. She is a real professional–not only in the quality of her images, but also how she works with people. She came highly recommended and exceeded my expectations.

Catherine was so amazing to work with as a photographer. She made us feel comfortable and at ease on such a big day! With her hard work and close attention to detail, there was no doubt that our photographs would turn out unbelievably. We will be blessed forever with her beautiful prints on the walls of our home!

Most photojournalists I know fear one thing above most: wedding photography. For some reason, it is the one thing that really worries them deeply. There are just so many things that can go wrong and there is no way to go back and try again. Catherine and I worked together for a year at Getty Images, where I saw how she manages to remain calm and incredibly organized no matter how daunting the task. She has an amazing aptitude for dealing with tricky situations combined with exceptional photographic talents and an artistic eye. She is more than well-equipped to take on the most daunting of professional photographic pursuits–the wedding.

Catherine Hall is a pleasure to work with–her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We had a great time together and I was happy to have found a photographer who was like a friend to me. Her pictures speak for themselves. My family and friends were extremely impressed with her pictures from our wedding and comment that the pictures look like they are from a magazine. I highly recommend Catherine Hall for your event. You will have beautiful pictures that bring you right back to that special moment in time.

From the first time I met Catherine Hall, it was clear she knew exactly what I was hoping for from my wedding photos, and she delivered precisely that. The formal pictures were executed with efficiency, and she was practically invisible throughout the ceremony and reception. Yet, when the proofs arrived, there were so many wonderful photos it was nearly impossible to choose! Catherine and her team members have given us photos we will cherish forever!

We considered many photographers before we found Catherine, and we knew as soon as we saw her photographs that she was the right choice for us. Catherine brings creativity to her photography, transforming her work from visual artifacts to fine art. The results are breathtaking. Catherine did so much more than document what happened on our wedding day. She focused her eye on the love between us and found a way to express that love and the joy of that day in her photographs. The images she captured at our wedding, and during our engagement shoot, are visually stunning and rich with emotion. Catherine’s work is amazing, and so is she. From the start she felt like an old friend, she put us at ease and brought out our best.

We had very specific creative hopes for our wedding day and wanted its uniqueness captured. From the first day I spoke with Catherine, she understood our vision and shared in our excitement. Catherine made sure that she understood the nuances of how we wanted our images to reflect our day, helping us plan several aspects of the event so that we could capture it best, while still really enjoying our wedding day. I loved everything about our wedding. Thanks to Catherine, we can honestly relive and remember the feelings, light, and people from that day. Thank you.

We were so honored have Catherine Hall as our wedding photographer. We remain in awe of her incredible talent and skills. Leading up to the day of our wedding, I was in anticipation of what images she would capture as much as I was looking forward to saying the vows! When the big day finally arrived things just got better. She instantly felt like a member of the family and a comforting companion for all the day’s events. We were pleased with and excited about all her creative ideas for remembering this single day. We couldn’t wait to see the results. We thank her so much for all her hard work, creative energy and positive attitude. The photos are absolutely perfect and beyond what we could hope to have as a record of our wedding. The collection of images is fresh, fun and full of life! This is the energy and attitude that we want for our memories. From her presence on the big day to the breathtaking slideshow, t means so much to us to have such a beautiful collection of our memories. Wee thank her so much for just being such a sweet and a perfect addition to our gathering of family of friends. We look forward to continue watching Catherine and Catherine Hall Studios excel!

Every time I see my wedding album I am taken back to one of the most wonderful days of my life. Catherine perfectly captured the magic and beauty of our wedding day, as well as the love and joy of my husband, me, our family and friends. Each photograph was both perfectly composed and candid, a talent that is hard to find in wedding photography. Catherine’s photographs are a stunning testament to our love and our special day.

We are so fortunate and blessed that Catherine shot our wedding. With her remarkable eye for design, she was our first choice to capture the spirit and beauty of our wedding story. Despite the fact that we were from Chicago and hosted a small wedding, Catherine emphasized to us that no wedding was insignificant to her and looked forward to the opportunity. I can testify that, as a nervous bride, I felt at ease with Catherine. Her images captured both the serious but playful personalities of both my husband and me. Already familiar with our chosen ceremony and reception sites, Catherine still took time to come the day prior our wedding to research the area closely and find the best backdrops for our portraits. We are proud to be a part of Catherine’s expansive and highly regarded portfolio, and look forward to working with her again.

On-site, Catherine is an incredible photographer–professional, friendly, and, (amazingly) able to put me at my ease. But when I saw the actual photos I was even more impressed. The shots are beautiful. I’ve always been awkward in front of a camera (usually my eyes are all squinted up); but, for once, I actually looked natural. Even better, Catherine’s shots brought out my best features. I never knew I could look so good! Catherine’s work is simultaneously unique and classic–a rare combination. I used to hide photos of myself. These I will proudly display.

Choosing the right photographer was by far the most important decision for us. We knew the images would preserve the memories of our special day and, ultimately, outlast everything else. Also, as an avid photographer, my husband Darren was determined to have the very best we could find. Not only do Catherine’s images have great color, lighting, texture, composition and depth; but she also captures striking moments. We hit it off with Catherine immediately. Her warmth and ability to connect and make those around her feel comfortable in front of the camera. These were not only important ingredients for great photos, but also for putting at ease our friends and family at our wedding. Many commented on how wonderful they thought Catherine was, which was funny–because they hadn’t even seen how great her photos were yet!

If you are looking for a photographer to capture images of your wedding day to put in an album, place on the shelf, and glance through once a year, look elsewhere. If you hire Catherine, you won’t be able to stop shoving your photographs in the faces of your family, friends, and that random woman standing next to you in the line at the grocery store with a smug look on your face and a nonchalant shrug, saying, "Yeah, that breathtaking bride? That’s me." The fact that you are considering Catherine’s servcies probably means that you are looking for someone with a style that hints at high fashion, elegance and art. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on the venue, your dress and those flowers, if you don’t have an experienced photographer to capture it all correctly, it’s a waste. Catherine has a calming personality, an eye for glamour and the means to bottle up the details of a day that you’ll want to relive over and over again through her lens.

If you have the chance to hire Catherine for your wedding, don’t pass it up! She’s great–professional, fun, and easy to work with. And her photos…utterly breathtaking. They look like pages from Vogue or W magazine. We interviewed seven photographers before finding Catherine, and it was her easygoing personality and beautifully composed pictures won us over. Besides, what girl could resist the chance to be a "sexy bride"? I unequivocally recommend her.

From the moment we first spoke to Catherine, we felt like we were catching up with an old friend. The excitement that she shared regarding our wedding was more than we could have ever imagined. Catherine knows how important it is to capture moments. When our wedding day arrived, we were able to enjoy the day from beginning to end, without spending hours posing in front of the camera. However, we were unknowingly in front of the camera the entire day, while Catherine quietly, diligently composed our story. Luckily, for my husband Nicholas and me, our wedding day will never be just a distant memory, but instead a story, fresh in our minds for years to come. When it comes to photography, Catherine Hall is second to none!

Working with Catherine Hall on my wedding day was a dream. It felt like she was a close friend of the family shooting photos that turned out to be not only breathtakingly beautiful but also captivating, fluid and soulful. Her playful but unobtrusive style enables her to capture and produce work unlike any other photographer. The first time I viewed my photos, I cried tears of joy. Not only were they the most gorgeous pictures I have ever seen, but I actually saw, through Catherine’s perspective, this incredible love my new husband has for me, right there, in black and white. I am also an event producer, and throughout my 16-year career I have worked with dozens of photographers. I can tell you that you should look no further. Book her now and you will be forever grateful you did.

Our experience with Catherine was wonderful, from the very first phone conversation through the months after the wedding. We originally were not going to do an engagement session, but she encouraged us to and I am so glad she did. Not only did we have a wonderful time during the first shoot, we were also able to get to know Catherine and get comfortable with her and her camera (not to mention have fun and possibly trespass our favorite landmark). Months later, it paid off not only in beautiful photos but also as a great comfort to my family and I. Her team was charming as was Catherine herself. Catherine is such a natural with people of all ages, you never feel like there is a schedule or a time crunch. She is calm and composed, able to get everyone to laugh and capture the most beautiful photos. Looking back at the photos, I am very glad we went with her and her journalist style photography. I think the most beautiful pictures she took are the candid ones (although our formal pictures with our wedding party are truly amazing and beautiful). I keep looking at them over and over again and seeing how happy we were that day. She really captured the moments: our wedding vows, my mom’s happy tears, my husband’s shocked face seeing me the first time, my sister and I crying during her MOH speech, and the laughter on everyone’s faces during my father’s speech. The happiness, the excitement, the love is all fully captured in her photographs, and we are so thankful to her that we will have that for the rest of our lives, and will be able to share it with our children. Thank you again Catherine, you are amazing and have helped capture this amazing moment in our lives forever.

We love Catherine Hall because it’s like having a close friend as your wedding photographer. She is so warm and welcoming but at the same time extremely professional and talented. She really gets to know you and your spouse as a people, which in turn helps her to capture the most meaningful moments of your day. We loved our experience with Catherine. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous and the albums she creates from scratch are exquisite! We highly recommend CHS for your fabulous day 🙂

Catherine’s photography is a blessing to anyone she touches. Her work exceeds the initial confidence we felt on our first meeting. Her professionalism, artistic eye and the team she surrounds herself with, the beauty and warmth she captures is simply amazing. We are ever so grateful for her commitment to our day. Her photos have left a priceless imprint on our hearts. Please never stop doing what you do!

From the minute we met Catherine to our wedding day when she and her fantastic team shot our photography, we have been awed by her warmth, artistic eye, attention to detail and creativity. Photography was one of the things we felt was exceptionally important to our wedding and Catherine made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and allowed us to enjoy our wedding without pulling us away for shots during dinner or dancing. She and her team were always smiling, exuding positive energy and catching each moment that made each of our family member’s personalities come alive (such a muscle shot with my brothers and dad). Our pictures are unbelievable and we could not be happier with the results. Without a doubt, she is the best!

One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was hiring Catherine Hall and her staff to capture our wedding memories! They were all a pleasure to work with and kept us laughing throughout the entire process from the engagement photos to the wedding itself. All the images turned out so beautifully, they are stunning and makes me feel so proud of our wedding.

When deciding what priorities were most important to us for our wedding weekend, photography was at the very top of our list. As a result, we looked into all of the top photographers in the area before making a decision. From the first phone consultation with Catherine Hall, I knew there was something special about her. Catherine has a
natural way of making you open up and feel comfortable with her. Her genuine interest in developing a personal relationship with her clients is what sets her apart from the other top talent in wedding photography. Not only does she create gorgeous images with her attention to detail, lighting, depth and background, she will truly tell a story with her photos because of the emotion she is able to capture in every shot. We had so much fun working with her because she is incredibly thoughtful and has such great energy, in addition to amazing talent. I can honestly say that not only did we end up with beautiful photos, we ended up making a lifelong friend in Catherine and I feel so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work with her.

Catherine creates beautiful work. We could not be happier with our photos. Every time we look at them, the day again comes alive. She was such a pleasure, adding to the beauty of our special day. Every single person that looks at our pictures says they are the best wedding pictures ever!

Catherine got ALL the shots! Wedding photography with a flair!

Catherine is such an amazing photographer! I knew that before I hired her–but we just received our engagement photos, and they blew us away.

Having Catherine as our photographer, I knew the photos would be outstanding. Not only is she incredibly professional, she has a way of making people feel at ease, thereby allowing her to capture genuine emotions. We actually had a guest approach us the day following our ceremony, saying that she wanted to hire Catherine to shoot her daughter’s wedding because Catherine had done such a great job. Ironically, the guest hadn’t even seen the pictures yet–she was just so impressed with Catherine’s manner and shooting style that she knew the images must have been fantastic (which they were).

Unless you’re a celebrity, Having pictures taken of you can be a nerve-wracking experience. Not with Catherine. She made me laugh and put me at ease. It shows in the photos.

Catherine is an incredible photographer, and I highly recommend her. She captured my wedding day with skill and grace. At times, I forgot she was even there. She manages the delicate balance of being in the right place at the right time, without intruding on intimate moments. She not only got all the shots we wanted but superseded our expectations with incredibly emotional pictures we never dreamed of getting. I highly recommend her to the discerning bride who wants natural photos that look like they belong in a wedding magazine!

I highly recommend Catherine Hall. Not only did she make the day even more enjoyable with her jovial personality and glowing smile, but the images themselves exceeded any expectations I had. Friends and family that have seen the images continue to tell me they have never seen wedding photos like Catherine’s. They have so much life to them. Thank you, Catherine.

Catherine had the perfect balance of easy going personality and exceptional work ethic. She did an amazing job.

I’m so happy Catherine was Alyssa’s & Brett’s photographer–it’s the best decision Alyssa made, after saying yes to Brett!

Catherine Hall was absolutely fantastic, and we already have recommended her to dozens! Her photos are unbelievably gorgeous, and she captured the true beauty of our wedding day!

After looking at Catherine’s’ website, I just fell in love with her photographs. Everything from the color to the composition–I was obsessed! The experience of having her come to Tahoe for our wedding day was more then I could have asked for. I had total confidence that she’d capture all of those special moments and she did it in such a casual way that I didn’t feel like I was spending the entire wedding in front of the camera. It seemed effortless and when I look at the photos I am transported back to our wedding and I am left with a huge smile on my face. Thank you, Catherine, for your free spirit, professionalism, and above all creativity. Truly Brilliant!

The difference between a good photographer and a great one is all about passion. Not only is Catherine Hall’s work outstanding, but her passion for the art of photography is virtually unmatched. Applying her skills as a photojournalist to wedding photography creates a style that can only bring smiles to the faces of her clients!