The wedding season is officially in full-swing: bachelorette and bachelor parties are roaring, wedding coordinators are in a tizzy of last-minute planning, and photographers are anticipating a bevy of once-in-a-lifetime moments to capture on film.The beauty, harmony, and joyous celebration that accompany wedding ceremonies inspire me to create the highest caliber of images possible.

I’m particularly fascinated by wedding locations. Location reflects a couple’s values and aesthetic ideals. Whether they select a quaint cottage nestled in a redwood forest, an ornate villa on a remote shorefront, or a red-brick Methodist church, their choice of a wedding environment communicates a message to their community of family and friends. Last year, Courtney’s and Johnny’s selection of the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn for their wedding ceremony spoke to me on a deep level.

The overall experience distinctively and authentically bespoke Northern California’s wine country. From a rehearsal dinner in a wine cellar that was embedded in a hillside to an outdoor cocktail hour surrounded by the rich, warm color palette of Sonoma Valley, Courtney and Johnny’s wedding location was at once sumptuous, earthy, and refined.

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