Ehrman Mansion, Lake Tahoe | Shawnda + Andre



Engagement Session in NYC

Shawnda and Andre must have an affinity towards the rain.  It all started with our engagement session in New York City.  The rain did not put a damper on the session nor did it on their future wedding day.

Espinosa_SS_29.jpgThe morning started with Blue Skies and looked like it would be a perfect day for their lakefront outdoor wedding.  Out of knowhere the clouds started rolling in and the rain came pounding down right on time for their ceremony.  I always knew Shawnda and Andre were amazing people but their positive attitude and flexible “go with the flow” attitude created an environment of joy, love and fun despite what nature threw their way.  The rain actually became an advantage and it will be one of the most memorable weddings of my time.  Such an wonderful couple, extraordinary environment, and special wedding.

Thanks to everyone that helped to make the day (and photographs) a great success:

Lead Photographer:  Catherine Hall Studios | Second Photographer:  Michael Escalera | Coordinator:  Michele Green | Ceremony Venue: Ehrman Mansion, Sugar Pine Point | Reception Venue:  Ehrman Mansion, Sugar Pine Point | Dress Designer:  Ann Barge | Florist:  Julie Assis | Caterer:  Mountain Magic Catering | Makeup: Jennifer Ergut


Gosh I just can’t take my eyes off the first picture

Love in the rain with an umbrella is absolutely brilliant.

Of course I knew it was yours!!! LOVE your work!!!

Wow, Ann, simply BEAUTIFUL…! Hope to see you at PPE in NYC! xoxox ~ Dawn

Wow the first one is so cool! Slow shutter, warm light coupled with rain = amazing! You are an inspiring photographer!

Gorgeous work Catherine!! What a day!

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