Grace Ormonde Is NOT a Diva | Why She is Wonderful


Grace Ormonde is not a diva. One may expect that with such a fabulous magazine and incredible success as an industry innovator that perhaps Grace has a super ego bolstered by her vast accomplishments. This is not so. She is one of the most genuine, caring, and real people that I know and I feel fortunate to call her a friend.

I guess Grace’s humanitarian interests and humble beginnings should have prepared me for what an amazing and genuine human being she is. But the true test came when we were returning home from dinner in San Francisco the other night. Walking down the street, I quickly passed by a homeless person, claiming immunity from her requests. Grace on the other hand, stopped without a second thought and gave the woman $20  (I think the most I have ever given a homeless person is about half that). Grace then took the time to speak to the woman, hear her story, make sure the money would be spent in the “right” places, and offer her condolences to this woman who had just been released from the hospital. At that moment, I felt both guilty by my ease in passing a person in need and touched by Grace’s kindness.

Grace lives by a philosophy of generosity. Our walk down the street left me once again truly impressed by what a special human being Grace is. She is more than just an editor in chief for the inspirational Grace Ormonde Wedding Style; she is an exceptionally kind hearted person through and through. 


I had the pleasure of meeting Grace last night at an event that she put on. I only exchanged a couple minutes of conversation, but could easily tell that she is everything you describe.

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