Rising Above Cliche: Timeless Wedding Images

timelessness.jpgHow can you create wedding images that are so timeless they arrest the attention of even the couple’s grandchildren? It’s easier said than done. Perhaps the first most-important component is forging a meaningful bond with your clients. What are their values? What is their worldview? Closeness with a client brings you to a place where you can start capturing the stuff that’s going to matter 50 years hence.

Timelessness in wedding photojournalism means simplifying an image into a classic emotional moment that by its very  nature transcends the passage of time. As a photographer you have to recognize those moments, little slices of life, where everything at once is happening for an incredible emotional impact.

A timeless image is when you’re truly capturing the moment in a traditional way, making sure that you’re getting what’s there in the first place. With all of the image manipulation tools today, people have become trigger-happy, in terms of overworking their images and overdoing things for special effects. I would hate to see a bride’s wedding rendered ‘fantastic’ with all of these new effects; but, when ten years down the road the novelty of the effects fades, there’s not much left there…

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