San Francisco Engagement: Stacie + Ron

There’s little doubt that Stacie and Ron are a charismatic couple who are in love with each other. During the engagement session in San Francisco, I was captivated by the exquisitely beautiful Stacie and her chemistry with her groom, Ron, who is the All-American Guy. I had the privilege to photograph the couple’s wedding at Thomas Fogarty Winery and thanks to the genius design of coordinator Jean Marks, I witnessed firsthand the couple’s commitment to their strong family ties, where they found several ways to honor family members.


[…] Stacie and Ron’s relationship embodies all of the best aspects of a solid, enduring romance. They are light-hearted and energetic, with a full-on sense of fun- as if every moment together is an adventure. The couple exhibits unerring and total admiration for one another. […]

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