Viansa Winery Wedding Photography | Rachel + Jeff

0115_Perlstein_HJ_150.jpgWith a bride who resembles Angelina Jolie and a groom with classically-handsome features, crafting portraits and candids of Rachel and Jeff was a photographer’s dream.
0128_Perlstein_HJ_172dupe16.jpg Hosted at the luxurious Viansa Winery in Sonoma County, the dark, oaken wine cellar proved a perfect nook for Rachel and Jeff to share a kiss.

0164_Perlstein_HJ_239.jpgThree generations of radiant women, all beautiful inside and out.
0143_Perlstein_HJ_200.jpgJeff is a generous, charming individual–clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
0194_Perlstein_HJ_283.jpgThe gaggle of girls attending Rachel on her wedding day testifies to the bride’s magnetic personality and strong connection to community.
0320_Perlstein_HJ_455-2.jpgSplendid flowers reflect the jaw-dropping design details –drink in the lovely cantaloupe and lilac colors!
0234_Perlstein_HJ_352-2.jpgRachel’s parents present their daughter to Jeff. (Check out his beaming smile!)
0371_Perlstein_HJ_538.jpgAs the sun sets, the newlyweds take a moment for a cheek-to-cheek portrait.

0392_Perlstein_HJ_564.jpgCould this vineyard kiss be any sweeter?
0408_Perlstein_HJ_584.jpg0417_Perlstein_HJ_597.jpgGuests adored the candles nestled in flower petals and devoured the delicious arrangement of cupcakes, which have become en vogue at weddings.

0437_Perlstein_HJ_655.jpg0445_Perlstein_HJ_675.jpgIt doesn’t get any better than the traditional chair dance.

0463_Perlstein_DH_383.jpgCuttin’ a rug on the dance floor….
0581_Perlstein_HJ_918.jpg0600_Perlstein_HJ_938.jpgRachel has an adorable, cut-loose personality.

0572_Perlstein_HJ_899.jpgJeff takes a moment to kick back with his boys.

0373_Perlstein_HJ_545.jpgCongratulations to the dizzy-with-happiness husband and wife. Rachel and Jeff, you two deserve every happiness!

A special thanks to Meredith for doing such a sensational job and to all the other fantastic vendors!

Dress, Watters + Florist, Soulflower + Cake Design, Kara’s Cupcakes + Catering, Sage Catering + Hair & Makeup, Clifford Style + Wedding Coordinator, Meredith Lynch with Viansa Winery + Band, Dick Bright Orchestra + Videographer, Thomas Hughes

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