Villagio Wedding Photography | Alyssa + Brett

Top Ten Reasons Why Alyssa’s and Brett’s Wedding Was Perfect


1)    Sleek, glamorous uptown Manhattanites convening in the quaint, wine-country town of Yountville, CA (where there’s not even a gas station).

2)    The bride Alyssa’s stunning “Eleanor” Fall 2010 Vera Wang wedding gown: “Strapless drop-waist full A-line gown with feathered tulle flower embroidery, and re-embroidered buttons on back bodice.”


3)    Despite being super-hip New Yorkers, the guests defied stereotypes with their warmth and generosity.

4)    The groom Brett and his three, almost-grown-up sons were open and loving with one another. It’s obvious that this father treasures his family, and even more obvious that his sons admire and adore Brett.


5)    Legs, legs, legs. I joked with Alyssa that a requisite for being on their guest list must have been, well, being gorgeous. (My boyfriend Ryan attended the wedding with me and was delighted by the attractive, toned company–I had to play-punch him in the arm a few times.)

6)    All-around accomplished bride who is an every-angle amazing human being. I mean, it’s not just any woman who can pull off a heart of gold, to-die-for bone structure, fine taste, and an appointment to the Board of Visitors of the Duke Engineering School.


7)    Rehearsal dinner speeches that begin not with a groom’s roast, but rather a grateful acknowledgement of the powerhouse wedding coordinator Cay Lemon and the photographer.

8)    Cay Lemon is a red-headed dynamo with superb managerial skills and a soothing demeanor–meaning, she carried out her job duties to the letter, while still keeping the vibe relaxed and celebratory. Not an easy job. I was so struck by Cay’s uniqueness, that I even did an impromptu, mini photo shoot with her! (Images to come!)


9)    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The groom, groom’s father, and groom’s three sons all exhibit a strong patrilineal trait: being ladies’ men. These guys exude irrepressible, make-you-weak-in-the-knees, epic charm.

10)  Wedding-photographer referrals! Alyssa and Brett came to me based on the recommendation of my previous clients, the delightful Keisha and Troy.



Coordinator: Cay Lemon with Zest Productions | Photography: Catherine Hall with Catherine Hall Studios | Location: Villagio | Cupcakes: Sift: a Cupcakery

Officiant: Reverend Peadar Dalton with Your Ceremony Matters | Designer: Julie Stevens with Julie Stevens Design | Hair & Makeup: Betten Chaston with Betten Make-Up & Hair | Lighting: BluePrint StudiosGot Light


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Thanks for your compliments! I am always a little “butterfly” nervous in the beginning; but it goes away as soon as a i start clicking :)!

thats insane. were you nervous before shooting? or don’t you get nervous. beautiful captures

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