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What was your most memorable photo shoot last year (2013)?

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Lava Walk in Hawaii! I was quite green with my first dslr, but I was determined to click away as we hiked [okay, maybe I tripped part of the way] across the alien-like terrain that goes from shimmery hematite hues to matte black. Vivid blue ocean background for contrast, then later twilight as glowing lava dripped into the surf.

During this jaunt, I realized I really wanted to learn a LOT more about photography in order to improve on better capturing and presenting such stunning, right-in-my-face content in the future. Gorgeous content… wake-up call… add it up and it equals my favorite 2013 shoot!

Most memorable photo shoot last year was around the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Asheville, NC, which included the Biltmore Estate.

We live in Asheville, but never get tired of the mountains, the people and the Biltmore Estate, which is America’s largest “house”, at 175,000 square feet. Extra bonus: The gardens are gorgeous!

I was in Nepal, in a meeting with Ms. Anuradha Koirala, the founder of Maiti Nepal (an excellent organization – they fight sex trafficking in Nepal by going into brothels in India and pulling out Nepali girls, and have an academy for at-risk children to keep them from being trafficked in the first place). Ms. Koirala is not a typical Nepali woman – she is outspoken, dominant, and just plain uppity. We talked business and took some formal photos (they are very big on formal photos in Nepal), but afterwards we were introduced to some of the infants at the academy (one of our people brought sweaters for them) and the smile on Ms. Koirala face was just wonderful.

My most memorable photo shoot of 2013 was photographing my first set of newborn TWINS! Soooo sweet and so fun!

I would love to see the photos 🙂

My most memorable was when my daughters and some friends decided to take a trip to capture the full moon by the beach. We drove from Los Angeles to Morro Bay and stayed for 3 days to be able to captured the most wonderful light of the moon. We also had my daughter dress as a mermaid in the cold water we starting clicking away to all the spectators amazed…..

That sounds like an amazing trip!

my most memorable shoot last year was a senior session I did. Photos actually turned out decent and it made me feel a little more confident in myself.

I was visiting Virginia am done early morning I decided to shoot some landscapes. The shapes of the clouds and horses feeding in the morning mist still hunt me till this day. I wanna be a farmer now.

Mine was not a shooting about people but about one of the cities I love the most… the beautiful San Francisco!! I was there last May, unfortunately only for 4 days but I took some great pics you can see here:

BTW, love your new website, Cathe!! Well done!! 🙂

Stunning collection Nicola! The bridge spans are gorgeous 🙂

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